1. Aaaaaaaaaaaah

    Whoa! My phone has been blowing up with people reblogging my electric daisy carnival picture..  I posted that like a year ago lol.  What happened? :p.. 

  2. http://bit.ly/1c5vhcG ( click here and enter yourself aswell! )



    know this is off topic of what i normally post!! but as a up and coming cook! :P and on a budget i would really appreciate if i can get help winning this vitamix! :D pleas and thank you! 

  3. Who’s ready for the harder styles to it Los Angeles!…  Need a ticket? Hmu!

  4. all of a suddeN.. turned 1 today!

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  5. A beautiful electric daisy! @ edc! Taken by #ghostkrew

  6. EDC is almost here!! 4 more days! woot woot!


  7. thizz-or-die:

    SERIOUS NOTE BEFORE YOU READ THIS: ANY PILL that is a CUT OUT (pill in the shape of something other then a pill, like a butterfly or hello kitty head) or has a TRANSFORMER stamp is BUNK, before you even ask, they are complete and utter SHIT there hasn’t been a good cutout or transformer press in…

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  8. insomniacevents:

    EDC Roll Call…

  9. damm this is a sick ass pic! i can see my job :).. pic by the one and only RUKES

  10. i won a pair of swedish house mafia: masquerade motel tickets for tonight ( sat march 9th ) thanks to electronicaLife… excited!